I’ve been asked to blog for awhile and have always resisted. Why? Because of the sheer inanity of many of the blogs out there and the trite nature of the verities that are broadcast.

But then, Alan Weiss and I wrote THE GLOBAL CONSULTANT, and many readers have said that the insights they picked up on global consulting were indeed hugely valuable, but it was almost as much fun to hear about our travels, our global insights, references to books and authors, as well as learnings relative to leadership and corporate effectiveness.

Just for fun I tallied up my December and January (end ’08 and early ’09). This has included home in New York, Geneva, Singapore, Penang, Dubai and London. And it’s been quieter than usual due to Christmas and New Year in the West, Eid in Dubai, and as I write, Chinese New Year in the Far East. In each of these places there have been some extraordinary experiences, stimuli, interactions and learning. It seems a shame not to share some, particularly as we go through these historic (occasionally ‘hysteric’) times globally.

Just in the last two weeks clients I’ve had the pleasure of engaging include companies like Unilever, Raffles Hotels and Resorts and Svitzer (a subsidiary of Maersk). And these projects (and many like them which are part of the tapestry of my professional life) are exciting and illuminating, and chock full of insights of applicable value to many potential readers.

I’m a globalist by birth and background. Born in Cairo, originally Pakistani, now American, having lived in the US, UK, Japan, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Dubai, the Netherlands, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Germany and Egypt.

My company Sensei International helps leaders and teams to improve business results through improving human performance. What started as an idea when I was in Karachi Pakistan, has grown into a global consulting firm operating in New York, London, Singapore, Dubai, Colombo, Karachi, Dhaka with an associate firm in Australia, and one potentially upcoming in Hong Kong. 17 plus years of global consulting, four books, having worked with folks like Tom Peters, Edward de Bono, Alan Weiss, M. Scott Peck and others, this blog is my ‘coming out party’.

We’ll cover global insights, the world of consulting, leadership tips that work drawn from the experience of those who’ve applied them, we’ll have a guest blogger in the form of my eminent co-author Alan Weiss, and lots about the world and its cornucopia of learnings, oddities and pleasures. For hedonists, the world of food and wine will be amply represented.

I hope you’ll join me in a global tour of life and leadership!

Rules of the blog

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  2. Our intent is to publish a number of weekly vignettes and some longer pieces from Omar and more occasionally from Omar’s co-author and guest blogger, Alan Weiss. These will range in content from consulting, leadership effectiveness, world affairs, and/or anything of global interest or fascination that Omar happens to come across as he continues his peripatetic life and work. For those fond of the pleasures of the table and of the grape, there will be fairly regular stimuli.
  3. Posts are welcome. Omar does not usually reply to postings, but may do so on the occasion that someone makes a point that is striking in its importance, insight…or good-faith misunderstanding (and therefore could lead to a valuable conversation). Any posts that do not add value to the discussion, are purely self-aggrandizing, are in questionable taste, use inappropriate language, or slander anyone will not be posted, at Omar’s discretion and that of the blog moderator, Chad Barr.