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The Price of Civility

Today as I arrived at our office in New York for a 9 a.m. meeting,  a number of us entered the elevator. This elevator requires that you have a building pass which you have to electronically swipe to be able to push the floor you want. A well dressed gentleman with silver hair entered, and […]

The Intimacy of a Special Collection!

I’ve long been a fan of the restaurant Del Posto. It is stunningly elegant, formal and yet cozy, and the cuisine shines. It is haute Italian, of multi-Michelin star quality (and when they lose a Michelin star, I suspect a wayward night for the inspectors, not the kitchen), and yet with exotic imagination and whimsy. […]

When Carpeting Doesn’t Work…

I love Changi Airport. Justifiably rated as the world’s best airport. Why? Because it’s designed to facilitate travel, not as an ego-testament to a designer. It’s not jaw-dropping…but then distances aren’t back-breaking either. Your luggage is there by the time you clear immigration, which usually takes less than 10 minutes. In fact, you can count […]

Communication Matters!

Yesterday we were flying from New York to Jeddah Saudi Arabia — an arduous trip, mellowed by the superb First Class Suites on board Emirates. We had four hours to “revitalize” at our Dubai “home” of Raffles Hotel Dubai. We arrived at the airport in Dubai to learn the flight had been delayed from 4:15 […]

Unhappy with Happy Sheets

Course evaluations are usually dumb, counter-productive and distorting.  Conference evaluations are largely the same. They are actually NOT “evaluations,” that is the problem. They are “happy sheets”. Moreover, what you want from participants and attendees is not “evaluation” of the Conference or training session primarily (though secondarily, that can be relevant and interesting). What you […]

Making Conferences Matter

I’m writing from Penang, Malaysia, after a Global Conference for a global personal care powerhouse. We helped design it, organize it, facilitate it, and to coach key leaders in engaging their people. It was in direct contrast to typical Conferences which truly are elaborate time wasters. There are numerous problems with conventional Conferences. 1) They […]

On This Night of…32 Stars!

Some events deserve all the gushing accolades they can garner. What else could one say about the pantheon of greats that came together to pay tribute to D’Artagnan’s (the fine food purveyor who enabled the great Chefs of New York to bring in items like Foie Gras in the 80’s with which to revolutionize our […]


Well we enjoy Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, so this year, as Valentine’s Day was falling on Sunday, we opted to have our amorous outing on the “eve”. Many pooh pooh this holiday calling it commercially contrived, historically dubious (as if our other holidays aren’t?) and more. It’s irrelevant. It’s a day to focus […]

Beware of “Facts”

I’ve always urged that consultants are at their best when they help clients interrogate assumptions posing as facts. The almost “holy” question is, “How do you really know that?” Assumptions lead us often into a cul-de-sac of our own paradigms. The other danger is what is called “research”. All of us can skew “statistics” in […]

Things That Continue To Baffle

I am repeatedly astonished by various sins of omission. First example, many people don’t read or grasp agreements. I can’t list the number of clients we write to, detailing an offer, with clear terms and conditions, who write back enthusiastically and say, “Let’s go!” Then, having broken ground, asking them to make time, to be […]