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Dr. Alan Weiss Interviews Omar Khan

Click on the arrow below to listen to this rare interview where million dollar consultant, Alan Weiss, interviews global consultant, Omar Khan

Chad Barr Interviews Omar Khan

In this fabulous podcast interview, Chad Barr had the chance to chat with Omar Khan, founder and senior partner of Sensei International and author of several books. We discussed some fascinating topics: What is a global consultant, how do you become a successful one and how do you get started. We also talked about his […]

Nantucket Confidential

Apparently Omar has left just enough cigars and wine in Nantucket for me to enjoy myself! Had my martini with blue-cheese-stuffed olives at the bar last night, with Mitch doing honors once again. (You can see Mitch in the August, 2008 postings of Nantucket Journal here on the blog.) We had the chef’s eight-course tasting […]

Alan’s 6-pound Father’s Day lobster


Here is a fascinating meditation on living our vision of the good life AND taking an imaginative stand for bringing it to reality It was inspired by my birthday retreat, THE INN AT LITTLE WASHINGTON. A follow-up post with some pictures of this marvelous Relais & Chateaux beauty and highlights of the truly exceptional culinary […]

Alan’s New York Weekend

Reprinted from The limo arrived at 7:30, and I caught the Acela to New York, absolutely filled, 43 people in first class, but two great stewards who promptly served breakfast. I get the last single seat, since the Boston crowd had filled the train before Providence. The cab dispatcher at Penn Station was fantastic, […]

Through New York….

I entertained the Million Dollar Club and Mentor Hall of Fame Members in New York last week, and here is a snapshot summary of our dining: Day One: The private dining room of Gilt, at The Palace (our headquarters). A beautifully designed, ornate room with a single central table for 14 overlooking St. Patrick’s Cathedral […]

The Global Author

The principles of Global Consulting are timeless, and involve a deep dive into life and stimulus, ideas and people. In this podcast you can gain some insights about standing out from the crowd, making it about value to life-at-large rather than a petty fascination with my own narrow provincial interests, and most critically about a […]

Frightful Flight Nonsense

Here’s more fun and exasperation from the ‘friendly skies’ courtesy of BOTH British Airways and Virgin Atlantic. While we snicker…and wince, let’s run a lint brush over our own businesses and see where we may be equally culpable. Let’s remove a few such ‘passion killers’ from the experience of our own customers and we’ll amplify […]

What Happens When You Don’t Have Customers

I’ve just spoken in LA on the sound stage that usually houses Bill Maher’s show, which formerly hosted The Price is Right, and is just up the hall from The Young and the Restless. We manhandled some quarter-million-dollar cameras out of the way, and I addressed the “studio audience,” comprising professional speakers.  My wife and […]