Omar Khan is arguably one of the most sought-after global consultants and speakers in the world. Born in Egypt, the son of Pakistani diplomats, Omar has lived in Germany, the US, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, the Netherlands, England, Japan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Dubai and Singapore. Omar studied at University College Oxford, and also wrote a thesis on Moral Responsibility and Kant’s Noumenal Self. While there, he helped run the Oxford Crisis Counseling Center, Nightline, before proceeding to Stanford Law School.

Omar was one of the pioneers of Neuro-linguistic programming, and was trained by some of its early innovators. He has been a leading innovator in transformational learning in the US and throughout the world.

Omar is the founder and senior partner of Sensei International, a global leadership development and consulting firm that operates in the Americas, the UK, Asia Pacific(Singapore), the Middle East (Dubai) and South Asia (Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka). Omar oversees the firm from his home in New York City.

Sensei’s client list is a veritable treasure trove of leading companies: American Express, 3M, Johnson&Johnnson, Unilever, BusinessWeek, Maersk, Singapore Airlines, HSBC, ABN Amro, Ritz-Carlton, Raffles Hotels, Microsoft, the American Payroll Association, Motorola, HP, Dupont, FMC, The Chartered Institute of Marketing and the Catholic Church, among others.

Omar was, for many years, partners with the Sri Lanka Anti Narcotics Association, a UN-approved charity that used Sensei’s methodologies and processes for grassroots workshops aimed at elevating self-esteem and tackling drug usage.

Omar and Sensei also worked for years with the Foundation for Community Encouragement (FCE), founded by best-selling author M. Scott Peck (author of The Road Less Traveled), with whom Omar collaborated and partnered in the years prior to the author’s death. A book based on that collaboration is forthcoming.

Sensei has also had a strategic alliance with the tompeters company! Uber-guru Tom Peters has said of Omar: “A pleasure to work with someone with such an amazing mind.”

Omar was rated an All Star by the Young President’s Organization (their highest rating), has been a keynote for annual conferences of BusinessWeek’s CEO Forum, sharing the stage with former President Bush, former Prime Minister Major (UK), former Australian PM Bob Hawke, WTO Chairman Supachai, global CEOs and many more. The organizer of the CEO Forum has said “Omar is one of the most amazing speakers I have dealt with in my over 17 years of organizing events.”

Omar’s books include Synergy, acknowledged by one eminent reviewer as “A blow for civilization.” Timeless Leadership is a collection of Omar’s articles published at the behest of his global client base and which has had three sold-out publishing runs. His recent book, published by John Wiley was released last year, Liberating Passion: How the World’s Best Global Leaders Produce Winning Results. In December, Omar’s book for consultants co-authored with best-selling author Alan Weiss is being released, The Global Consultant.

Omar’s articles have appeared in Peter Drucker’s Leader to Leader, Leadership Excellence Magazine (which in its 2008 rankings, rated Sensei International in the top 20 leadership development firms in the world), The Washington Post, Management Consulting Magazine, Strategy and Leadership, Directors and Boards Magazine, The Conference Board Magazine, and many others.

Omar has specifically worked personally at senior leadership levels with: Unilever, BAT, Svitzer (a subsidiary of Maersk), Powered by Professionals, Sun Microsystems, Shui On Group, FMC, Raffles International, Nestle, DIFC, Sedco, American Express TRS, 3M, among others.