Reporting From Sydney

I’m in Sydney running the first Six Figures to Seven workshop, which will also run in March in Las Vegas. This is the first time I’ve “debuted” an offering outside of the U.S. (One of the participants immediately told me that he is just finishing The Global Consultant, and loves it!)

I’m staring at the Opera House, which is about 200 yards across the water, outside of my balconies. To the right, the huge Queen Victoria is docked. Sydney Harbor is deep water, so the mammoth ship is merely yards from the city streets.

It’s summer here, of course, and it’s stopped raining after quite some time. The weather today is about 75°F. Some of the team work during the day was done al fresco.

We talked about the Accelerant Curve today, and how you should structure your offerings to proceed from low cost and high ease of entry, down a sharp slope to high cost and low ease of entry. Once you have a brand, people will be drawn directly to the more intimate, high fee offerings, but until then, you need to attract people with low cost value (newsletters, blogs, books, CDs. teleconferences, etc.).

The Australian economy is taking a hit, the local dollar is down to 65 cents U.S., and the lowered expectations with China trade alone might drop the GDP by 4% annually. Yet I had a roomful of six-figure consultants looking to move quickly to seven figures.

It’s all about how you view things: half-full glass, half-empty glass, smashed glass, or overflowing glass?

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