Queenstown, New Zealand

I’m here so speak at a meeting for my pal and member of my Million Dollar Club, Rob Nixon, who is hosting his coaching club members in this idyllic “Adventure Capital of the World.” My rooms, in the fabulous Eichardt’s Private Hotel, overlook the lake in an area that greatly resembles a combination of Switzerland and Norway, with fjords, huge mountains, and great water sports. Ancient, wooden steamboats ply the lake. A fireplace warms my room, even though it’s summer here.

Yesterday, I arrived via Christchurch (where I was marooned with Dolly Parton on my only prior trip there, but that’s another column sometime). We hurried to catch the gondola to the mountaintop to be welcomed by Maori tribes people with a traditional greeting and blessing. The weather today is overcast, so our chopper ride to the glacier had to be cancelled.

It seems to me that the people in this part of the globe view the US as they would an old drive-in movie: The screen is far away, and the story is disrupted by noise, food, and occasional passion. But one thing is certain, everyone will drive home again once the showing is completed.

I’ll work with Rob’s group tomorrow and then head for home on Wednesday. It’s interesting being a global consultant: Once you’ve seen something like Queenstown, you can’t imagine NOT having seen it.

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