An Abundance of Experiences

Just landed in Hong Kong…what a week!

At home in New York last week, discussions with two potential partners, scoping two major assignments, sneaking in a lovely 10 kilometer walk from near the pier to the West Village to Soho to Chinatown to Little Italy back through Washington Square Park, to Union Square and finally up Park Avenue. What a city!

On a plane for an 8 hour lay-over in Dubai, signing papers, meeting with some people on our team. Overnight to Singapore — “jet advance” rather than “jet lag” taking over.

A quiet Sunday — taking the family of one of our partners out to Morton’s (of all places) in Singapore. Opened a Meerlust Rubicon 2004 that was stunning, followed by a Lan Rioja Private Edition 2002 that was also breath-taking. Other than the classic Morton’s Key Lime Pie having lost any residual tartness and therefore having devolved into an “impostor”, all was well. The Avo Maduro cigar capped a great dinner.

Monday saw three fairly intense coaching engagements, two client email responses that were needed on quite complex issues, a phone review of progress on a major project, lunch with a team-member…whew!

Today we’ve just landed in Hong Kong. We’ll take our hike up the Peak tomorrow, have our favorite Peking Duck at the 2 Michelin starred Summer Palace at The Island Shangri La, engage with a client, meet another prospective partner, and then meet and hopefully make some new friends (fellow members of the Chaine des Rotisseurs from the US who are in town) for dinner at M’s on the Fringe.

Then a day off to visit some favorite haunts, get a massage and get ready to head back to Singapore on Friday for an action packed afternoon. In between, replying to requests, counseling colleagues, reading some superb books, and realizing that an abundance of experiences is a great gift — it keeps us fresh, sharp, open, responsive.

Boredom is a choice. I realize this is an atypical week by most standards, and we’re blessed by stimulus: cultural, culinary, relationship-based and business-related. But that’s come by plying a trade with passion, seeking out new frontiers, keeping eyes, hearts and mind (relatively) open.

We’ve got some major challenges and opportunities ahead this month, and if we tackle them imaginatively and effectively, and get a few friendly winds…wow!  Either way, it’s worth nothing else but full engagement. Whatever happens, we’ll be richer in experiences, more abundant in insight and understanding. We’ll be richer.

I’m tempted to say “I can’t wait!” But I can. To think otherwise would be to miss the precious now — the abundance of possibility in this next moment, the  next idea, the next flutter of emotion, the next shimmering of perception…flowing from everything that abounds right now.

Let’s wallow… in life!