Alan From Dublin

I’m happy to be contributing to Omar’s blog, especially and appropriately since I’m writing from Dublin. On Sunday morning the limo driver told me it never snows in Dublin, and on Monday morning it snowed. He was right for 24 hours, barely.

A great many clients are right for 24 hours or less, as well. They cite experience and analysis and strategic plans, but basically they are making assumptions and extrapolating the present into the future with no sound basis. 

Dublin quickly recovered from an inch of snow, but London has been paralyzed by a foot. (Why does the underground stop operating when the snow is up above ground?) Heathrow Airport alone cancelled 650 flights yesterday, generally throwing European travel into chaos. Bus routes were cancelled “to prevent injury to the public.” (The horses had no trouble moving the household cavalry to its assigned stations around the palace.)

Four people from the UK cancelled their attendance with me in London, but one person, from Manchester, showed up right on time. “Andy,” I said, astounded, “how did you make it?!”

“Don’t believe them,” he said, “there are always ways.”

There ARE always ways, and they are seldom the result of a dusty strategic plan or an executive’s baseless assumptions (or a limo driver’s assurances). They are the result of opportunism, being in the moment, and being determined to take control of your destiny.

That applies in Dublin, in London, in Manchester, and in your neighborhood, as well.

© Alan Weiss 2009.