Monthly Archives: July 2009

“The Spirit of Learning”

My co-author Alan Weiss and I received some unsolicited, hopefully well-intended, feedback about our book, THE GLOBAL CONSULTANT. The person bristled at our suggesting the world by and large sought out American thought-leadership in business and management. In acknowledging other world-class centers of learning however, by error when we wrote our draft, we placed INSEAD […]

Beware of Dubious Things Mindlessly Repeated

If something is stupid, one technique, slavishly followed by opinion manipulators, is to keep repeating it as if it was a self-evident triusm. We shouldn’t proceed with Health Care reform because it would be tantamount to “socialized medicine”. Okay, but a “socialized military” and a “socialized fire brigade” are just fine? “No one knows how […]

Make the Choice!

A dear friend and long-time client recently asked me whether I felt we in the United States were peculiarly afflicted with poor service. I had to confess that hotels and airports here do seek to redefine “rancid” in terms of service. He regaled me with a story of an endlessly snaking check-in line at his […]

Teeming With Teams

Organizations abound with teams. And no other area of organizational life, or shall we say recurring corporate chagrin, gets nearly as much attention in the literature as teams: functioning, malfunctioning, well formed, deformed, performance-enhancing or productivity-depleting. A critical insight honored more in the breach than in the observance is that a collection of people is […]

Normal is as Normal Does

It’s July 4th in the United States, and we here celebrate the audacious experiment in self-government that was launched through the Declaration of Independence. “We hold these truths to be self-evident…,” it’s hard not get chills and goose-bumps,evenĀ  centuries later. We must remember though that the Declaration launched a war and the Founding Fathers would […]