Monthly Archives: June 2009

Hospitality, thy name is John, and Anthony…and Helene

The Four Seasons Hotel in London (formerly The Inn on the Park) was my London home since the late 70’s (first courtesy of my Dad’s fondness for it, and then my own). Last year it closed for renovation and we found ourselves facing “homelessness” (of sorts) in London for the next few years. John Stauss, […]

Alan’s 6-pound Father’s Day lobster

Make Sure Something’s Missing!

Dee Hock, founder of the “charodic” (the fusion of chaos and order as Mr. Hock so insightfully observed) Visa corporation, observed that the trick is not how to get new ideas in but rather how to get the old ideas out. We’ll find this predominates everywhere. Look at Iran and the new ideas are bursting […]

Onomastics Isn’t Enough!

Companies sometimes line up to change their names as if the shift of a name will lead to a shift of identity, reality and possibility, all rolled into one. Onomasts are not psycho-sexual (or other) deviants…but rather those who study names and naming. They claim this study is a “science”.  That usually means it is […]

Starry Eyed in Collias

Once a year we do a Gastro-ramble through the Languedoc Roussillon region of France. The ramble part consists of walking between and from some very picturesque cities and villages in what was once Roman France. We wind our way through gorges, forests, the garrigue the Romans adored so, and to the towering monument of that […]

What’s Reality Got to Do With It?

My Partner and colleague-in-arms, Malcolm Follos attended a Conference recently where he heard musician and community activist Dave Stewart point out that we often hear of turning dreams into reality, but what he had to do at a challenging juncture of his life was to turn reality into dreams. Fascinating to consider as leaders. On […]

A Tale of Two Cigars

The other night a group of friends assembled at The Grand Havana Club, a private membership club, that provides a bespoke atmosphere for the increasingly rarefied pleasure of enjoying good cigars. Happily, the GHC is also blessed with a superb Chef in Alberto Gomez and an urbane, astute and highly capable manager in Randall Denman. […]