Monthly Archives: May 2009

The Waste of Training

We can see that organizations, made up as they are of people who find change no more appetizing than most of us do, will go to great lengths to look for panaceas and band-aids, rather than grapple with real issues of human change and growth. When what faces bosses seems cerebral, analytical, diagnostic, detached from […]

Choose Profitable Hallucinations

The word “hallucination” doesn’t usually conjure up positive associations. But when I first started out in the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), I learned that most of what we call “reality” is our hallucination…i.e. our projection, or interpretation imposed on what we experience. In other words we perceive “x”, and then we add our subjective […]

What a Return!

Eighteen years ago I stopped last at the Inn at Little Washington. It was already a famous, special place. Please see the podcast below, The “Inn” Place, as to the many aspects that make the town and Inn so distinctively captivating. I’ve been married just over seventeen years, and this is one place my wife […]


Here is a fascinating meditation on living our vision of the good life AND taking an imaginative stand for bringing it to reality It was inspired by my birthday retreat, THE INN AT LITTLE WASHINGTON. A follow-up post with some pictures of this marvelous Relais & Chateaux beauty and highlights of the truly exceptional culinary […]

Choose How You Tell Time

In the award-winning play RENT, a key song is entitled SEASONS OF LOVE. The question it asks is “How do you measure a year in the life of a woman or a man?” Not surprisingly, the answer it offers is, “Measure your life in love.” Not bad advice. As Consultants, we have to also decide […]

Noble Repast

We’ve been working with Raffles Hotels and Resorts at their flagship Singapore property and their eye-popping Dubai newcomer (relative to the 120 years plus the Old Gal in Singapore has clocked up), on ways to further exemplify their brand through the daily hospitality experience of their Residents. Raffles Dubai brings welcome sophistication and service intimacy […]

Beware The “Crack Berry”

I was just speaking at the annual HR Summit in Singapore. They wanted to know first if I had been in New York in the last 7 days. Fortunately I hadn’t, or I may not have been allowed in! A speaker from California was canceled in the hysteria over Swine Flu. Nothing we know about […]