Monthly Archives: April 2009

Grammatically Unimpeachable and Stylistically Extravagant

Roger Cohen in the New York Times pined nostalgically for a time when elegant stylistic forays and purple passages were abundant. It wasn’t that long ago. The character E.K. Hornbeck (meant to represent H.L. Mencken) in the play INHERIT THE WIND, said so wonderfully: “I do lovable things for which people hate me,  and hateful […]

Where Everyone Knows Your Name

Essentially a tale of a dinner, this is more about familiarity breeding not contempt, but warmth and great pleasure. We began the day at the Four Seasons Hotel for a bite of breakfast and a meeting. Coats were whisked away, the juice of the day (orange and peach) poured with the right mixture of subtlety […]

As A Last Resort…Once More!

Some time ago I mentioned that human beings will as a last resort, having exhausted every other contrivance, dodge or option,  possibly at last ‘consider’ communicating! I recently booked into a bastion of fine dining in New York City, for my wife and I, and a special guest. I love the place, so I’m holding […]

Always Resetting a New Normal

My wife and I have just returned (despite all manner of resistance from the weather Gods) from Victoria, BC. A few years back, this was an annual pilgrimage to attend what used to be called “The Cherry Blossom Walking Festival”. It was an IML (International Marching League) sponsored event, and we used to participate in […]

Alan’s New York Weekend

Reprinted from The limo arrived at 7:30, and I caught the Acela to New York, absolutely filled, 43 people in first class, but two great stewards who promptly served breakfast. I get the last single seat, since the Boston crowd had filled the train before Providence. The cab dispatcher at Penn Station was fantastic, […]

A Voice Heard Around the World

Last week-end, Susan Boyle stepped friskily onto the stage of a show I’d never heard of (which indicts my militant lack of pop-cultural savvy not the show’s popularity), BRITAIN’S GOT TALENT. Not particularly telegenic, looking decidedly frumpy, this unemployed woman, who lives alone in government housing with a cat called ‘Pebbles’ (how wonderfully Dickensian can […]

Where Value Really Resides

Companies are prone to confusing ‘activity’ with ‘value’, ‘technicalities’ with the real ‘adaption’ required to solve real problems. Our company Sensei focuses on improving business results by improving human performance. You would therefore think I’m a fan of human capital management strategies. Well I’m not a fan of any strategies decoupled from real value. As […]

Through New York….

I entertained the Million Dollar Club and Mentor Hall of Fame Members in New York last week, and here is a snapshot summary of our dining: Day One: The private dining room of Gilt, at The Palace (our headquarters). A beautifully designed, ornate room with a single central table for 14 overlooking St. Patrick’s Cathedral […]

The Global Author

The principles of Global Consulting are timeless, and involve a deep dive into life and stimulus, ideas and people. In this podcast you can gain some insights about standing out from the crowd, making it about value to life-at-large rather than a petty fascination with my own narrow provincial interests, and most critically about a […]

A Festival of Taste

As part of our 17th wedding anniversary celebrations, my wife and I enjoyed a lovely couple of nights in Tarrytown (for some of the other educational aspects of the week-end check out the podcast “The Global Author” which will be posted soon). A highlight of the week-end was our anniversary dinner at Blue Hill Farm […]