Monthly Archives: March 2009

Absurdities Abound

Here are some absurdities from the road and from the headlines here in the US — all suggesting that we are at our most absurd when we say things we don’t mean, do things that don’t make a positive difference to our clients, or at a national level try to solve problems by stoking a […]

Where We’d Least Expect It

The ‘Purloined Letter’ phenomenon is a powerful one. We all tend to look for answers in abstruse analytics, often too far up or too far away, when many times, the answers are literally right under our noses. Consultants have to beware of making things overly complicated. I’ve just dealt with two sets of senior teams, […]

Things That Catch Your Eye

Hong Kong always impresses you with highly efficient professionalism. The Cantonese excel in functional excellence. Our otherwise sober hotel, Langham Place in Mongkok revealed its lighter side as I said in my earlier post with its choice of statuary and art. But also they showed human insight and a wry (yet always appropriate) take on […]