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Dragons and Fragrances

I’m in Hong Kong, working with a client bringing together their China and Japan teams. We’re in Mongkok, a corner of Kowloon. “Mongkok” literally means ‘bustling corner’ and for years this was the activity hub of Kowloon. “Kowloon” means 9 Dragons. A visiting young Emperor or Prince (these are abundant in Asian lore!) noticed there […]

Find a Way!

Recently in Singapore a client who had paid us an invoice for fees but had no money for logistics or a venue, worked with us to find a creative way to engage their team. This was a new team, and they didn’t want to wait to get them aligned. On our Leadership Journeys, we often […]

Queenstown, New Zealand

I’m here so speak at a meeting for my pal and member of my Million Dollar Club, Rob Nixon, who is hosting his coaching club members in this idyllic “Adventure Capital of the World.” My rooms, in the fabulous Eichardt’s Private Hotel, overlook the lake in an area that greatly resembles a combination of Switzerland […]

Lionizing A World Class Experience!

RAFFLES WINE FOOD AND ARTS EXPERIENCE About 10 years ago, while consulting for The Ritz-Carlton Millennia Singapore as it was being launched as the new flagship for that company, we were induced to attend a wine and food event at Raffles Singapore. This iconic 120 + year old hotel hosted a superb set of events […]

Crazy Flight

Here’s a vivid example of how NOT to deal with a bad situation (a horrific flight experience I had recently) and some ideas of what we should be doing instead no matter what business we’re in.

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Reporting From Sydney

I’m in Sydney running the first Six Figures to Seven workshop, which will also run in March in Las Vegas. This is the first time I’ve “debuted” an offering outside of the U.S. (One of the participants immediately told me that he is just finishing The Global Consultant, and loves it!) I’m staring at the […]

The Wrong Fossil Fuel!

I ran into  a senior leader in New York just before heading off to Dubai en route to Singapore where I am today as I write this. She explained that her boss told her to tell the employees in her division that they’d all have to work seven days a week if they wanted to […]

Living Well Indeed!

This week we attended another of the Zagat Vintage Dinners, this time at Del Posto. As before, menu and wine pairings are pasted below for fellow enthusiasts. The pictures you’ll see dotted through the post are of the stunning dining room, a modern day stand-in for the eccentric 19th century food connoissuer Artusi (see below), […]

Why Oh Why…?

On the MSNBC show, “Morning Joe”, Professor Jeffrey Sachs (author of THE END OF POVERTY and COMMON WEALTH) found himself in broad agreement with Conservative host Joe Scarborough (despite simple-minded detractors more eager to catalogue people than listen to varying ideas, calling Professor Sachs a ‘Marxist-leftist nut’) about the need for igniting a Green Technology […]

Not A Bad Idea For Valentine’s Day

We caught one of the last performances of a play from playwright Jane Bodie, RIDE, brought over to the US from Australia.  It chronicles some of the ironies and potential nihilism of contemporary dating mores. A couple wake up in bed together, neither remember the other, how they ended up spending the night together, where […]